The Roof Crop


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An aromatic infusion of Roof Crop herbs and flowers create a unique blend of salts for three spa experiences. 

Each can be used for bath soaks or shower exfoliators. We use the spent botanicals from the Letherbee gin-making process as one of the scrub elements. No plastic beads here!

Available in:
6 oz jar
8 oz and 16 oz recyclable pouch

Basil Calendula Scrubbing Salts — Epson Salt, Sea Salt, Thai Basil, Blue Basil, Letherbee Gin Botanicals, Marigold & Calendula Petals, Basil Essential Oil & Lemon Essential Oil

Blood Orange Juniper Soaking Salts — Epson Salt, Sea Salt, Letherbee Gin Botanicals, Yarrow Flower, Marigold Petals, Blood Orange & Juniper Essential Oil

Lavender Sage Soothing Salts — Epson Salt, Sea Salt, Cosmo Petals, Cornflower Petals, Polygonum, Sage, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, & Vanilla Essential Oil, TRC Comfrey & Chamomile Oil