The Roof Crop


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Raw Local Honey harvested from Roof Crop Foundation hives in partnership with The Hive Supply.

Raw Local Honey available in 5 oz or 8 oz


Rosemary Honey with Rosemary harvested from @thecoopersouthbank

Hot Honey infused with peppers harvested from @portechi

Turmeric Black Pepper infused with responsibly sourced black pepper and turmeric from @garycomeryouthcenter

Honey Stack includes 2 ounces of our Raw Local Honey, Hot Honey, and Turmeric Black Pepper Honey. 

Raw means no pasteurization therefore all of the beneficial nutrients of the honey remain intact and ready for your benefit!

If honey crystalizes, gently warm jar until it melts. Crystalizing honey is not a bad thing, it means that you have raw honey!